Why choose us and what makes us different?

We don't use HDR

At spaces and places we don't use HDR. This is a very conscious decision that we made early on. I myself (Tom Wilcox, owner of spaces and places) have experimented with HDR for many years, and I had a lot of success with it in my personal photos, especially landscapes.

When I started my journey as an interior photographer I immediately jumped to HDR to create my images, the results were less than spectacular... because all the light is uniformly compressed or sledgehammered if you prefer to fit into the one image everything that would look light like walls and ceiling would become dark and grungy looking, this was simply not good enough. 

I then spent the next couple of years researching interior techniques and came up with some of my own bespoke techniques and eventually our special formula that makes Spaces and Places photos so beautifully crisp and detailed that you feel as if your actually in the space and not looking at a photo. 

We use modern photography techniques 

As we stated above we don't use HDR, this however doesn't stop us capturing the entire dynamic range of a space. We don't try to get everything in 'one capture' as its technically not possible unless you comprimise one way or another. We take multiple captures of the same room and bring them together in post to make sure that no detail is left behind.

Photography is based on the play between light and shadow, this is how we create texture contrast and detail. We make sure in our work that the light is balanced to perfection in the photo. We also gently guide the eye to whats important and remove any distractions that detract from the beauty of the room.

We seriously enjoy what we do and we're learning all the time

We really get excited about good interior photography, bad interior photography makes us cry a little inside. It's our mission to contribute to the best interior photography in the world whilst bringing our own personal touch.

We will never stop learning this craft, we learn a little more with every single job we do. We will never be complacent and will always deliver our absolute best quality work.